Saturday, March 29, 2014


Every resort has a pool, but something is different about the Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino pool.  Can you say time of your life pool.  I have no idea who half these people are but by the end of the day, we were buds.  
I believe no matter our age, one pure fundamental truth exists, everyone loves to meet new people and have fun.  I found this pool to be above average in that category

Aruba was fun, the shopping was grand and I loved the quaint almost European waterside cafe to be very romantic.  

The overarching theme of this trip was fun! Anything goes and did.  My wife found a goofy pair of kids goggles buried in the sand.  When she put them on I nearly cried with laughter. This has become my all time favorite photo of her. 

Of course everyone must participate.

OK did I say the pool was fun?  I do not get enough of those times where you just don't care what people think.  You act goofy, smile and laugh out loud.  All the while everyone else is too.  If you are looking for a stuffy high class resort, you won't find it hear.  What you will find is a beautiful well kept property with great dining.  I frequented the Ruth Chris steakhouse (on property) many nights.

There were times when things just got out of hand!

I guess if start drinking early enough, just about anything can happen.  Can you say photo bombed?

The resort had a very nice small private beach.  Easy access, only feet from where you dined for breakfast every morning.

But there was one common theme for the week... Hats!  It was almost an unwritten rule.  It you were in the pool you must have a hat with character.

I must say we were concerned about traveling to Aruba.  With the unfortunate event involving Natalie Holloway.  But bad things happen everywhere, you can't let that stop you from exploring the world.  

I truly enjoyed the Marriott property.  The staff was over the top, working very hard to please.  I must say I did enjoy the casino more than I expected.  It is a pleasure to set at the bar and play video poker built into the bar.  

If I had to summarize, this property was the best part of the trip.  I expected to be drawn to the ocean but wasn't.  It was the pool and the experiences, the smell of Ruth Chris steaks.  

Step back into Cuba circa 1959... where all of the art has been displayed all over Cuba for the last 20 years.  Almost everyone connected to this restaurant came from Cuba.  It's as authentic as you can find anywhere.

This is what Havana looked and felt like 50 years ago.

Oh my oh my.

These dancers will take your breath away.

Douglass Markus has been the proprietor for over 15 years.  It is his love of fine food, fine art and a love of Cuba that makes "Cuban Cookin'" one of my all time favorite restaurant experiences.

If you love to shop, the downtown Aruba is a shoppers paradise. You are surrounded by Dutch influence. Moreover, the currency of choice is the US dollar. There is no need to exchange currency.

I Love Aruba!

If you are looking for breath taking sunsets, a slow paced life style then Aruba is calling you.

Kick back, take a deep breath and feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  Living on Aruba time.